2022-09-26 v.1.6.0

  • image file upload bug fixes
  • conditional visibility works with static fields (html, paragraph)
  • added support for in HTML field's content (for example: {=} MB)
  • display calculated product price in the cart widget (cart popup)
  • new parameter: product_is_on_sale to use in formula
  • added parameters to js dynamic formula in HTML field
  • added placeholder for select and dropdown fields
  • bug fixed: incorrect value of the image swatch in the cart


  • bug fixes

2022-08-21 v.1.5.4

  • add option to show Price Block before or after "Add to cart" button
  • bug fixes

2022-08-16 v.1.5.2, v.1.5.3

  • image upload bug fix
  • option to display text before or after field's title

2022-08-05 v.1.5.0

  • fieldset's options (toggle default price blocks)
  • new field: formula value
  • bug fixes

2022-07-23 v.1.4.6

  • added is_selected() function
  • bug fixes in multi checkbox

2022-07-23 v.1.4.5

  • conditional visibility support for multi checkbox

2022-07-23 v.1.4.4

  • bug fixes

2022-07-22 v.1.4.3

  • bug fixes

2022-07-22 v.1.4.1, 1.4.2

  • bug fixes

2022-07-21 v.1.4.0

  • new formula builder
  • apply filters on td elements in field's templates
  • new assignment type: product attribute
  • more columns on fieldset table
  • toggle button to publish/unpublish fieldsets quickly
  • support for stock management and stock reduction multiplier
  • layouts feature - you can choose one or two column layout
  • conditional visibility (set rules to show/hide fields)
  • bug fixes

2022-07-11 v 1.3.3

  • Bug fixed: str_replace on array
  • Bug fixed: missing numberposts argument on get_posts()

2022-07-07 v.1.3.2

  • added support for array and json objects in global parameters

2022-07-06 v.1.3.1

  • bug fixes
  • new variables to get product's weight, width, height, length
  • new variable to determine if current visitor is logged in
  • upload path settings

2022-07-04 v.1.3.0

  • new calculation mode - Price Add-ons
  • you can use formulas in HTML/Paragraph field, for example: {=*/100}
  • Image upload field added – you can use file size parameter in expressions
  • cron jobs to keep uploaded files clean
  • strlen() function added to expressions – it returns text length
  • Settings page added – you can define custom product form selector, you can toggle error messages for admin/manager

2022-06-15 v.1.2.3

  • bug fixes

2022-06-14 v.1.2.2

  • add notices

2022-06-13 v.1.2.1

  • fixed issue with price calculation

2022-06-13 v.1.2.0

  • New fields: image select, image swatches, color swatches, checkbox group (multicheckbox), HTML, Heading, Paragraph, Hidden, Link, Attachment
  • Math functions to use in the expression
  • Additional functions for radio group, checkbox group (sum, max, min), range date picker (days between dated)
  • Global parameters can be defined and used in formula
  • Assign fieldset to product's tags
  • Customer can edit cart item
  • text field has new option: pattern (regexp)
  • bug fixes

2022-05-08 v.1.1.2

  • Added new fields: email, radio
  • fixed field builder (js script issue)
  • fixed typo in HTML code for dropdown and select fields

2022-04-20 v.1.1.1

  • Bug fix

2022-02-18 v.1.1.0

  • fieldset post type
  • assign the fieldset to products/categories on the fieldset's edit page
  • added a price option to all fields
  • new edit page
  • added the priority option to fieldsets
  • field's template can be overrided in your theme folder
  • performance fixes
  • bug fixes


  • Initial release