# About the Plugin

The plugin extends the Woocommerce store with the ability to add your own fields to the product page. Almost all fields are used in formulas to calculate a custom price for a product. The plugin allows full freedom to define fields and formulas for calculating the price. Some of fields can be used to get informations from Customer (for example: text, date, date range, color, dropdown, etc.)

The plugin is designed to work with multisite mode. We encourage you to contact us and request new features.

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# Definitions

  • Field - is used to get user's input on the product page. Field can be used to calculate the price (is used in formula)
  • Fieldset - store manager can create the fieldset which consists of different Fields. Fieldset must have at least one Field and the expression (formula) to calculate the product price
  • Expression/Formula - mathematical and/or logical expression using to calculate the product price. The expression can be single-line (one-line) or conditional. Expression is protected and calculated only server-side.
  • Validation - each Field has specific requirements to be met. Incorrect values make it impossible to calculate the price and add the product to the cart.
  • Global Parameters - are numeric variables which can be used in formulas across all fieldsets.

# Requirements

Minimum tested version, but not recommended

  • Wordpress v.5.0
  • Woocommerce v.3.5

Maximum tested version

  • Wordpress v.6.0
  • Woocommerce v.6.7

Recommended version

We strongly recommend to use most recent versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce. There is no restriction to PHP version, but please note that PHP below 7.4 is marked as end-of-life. We recommend using PHP7.4 and above. PHP7.4 is supported in Wordpress v5.3 and above.

Supported PHP versions
PHP compatibility and Wordpress versions

# Dependencies

# Features

  • define unlimited fieldsets with unlimited fields
  • fields are displayed in product page, cart and order details,
  • expression builder
  • define single-line expression to calculate the price
  • define unlimited conditional expressions to calculate the price
  • attach fieldset to: all products/catgories/tags, selected products/categories/tags
  • supported variable products
  • supported multisite
  • the plugin is translatable
  • every field has built-in validation tests
  • the product will be removed from user's cart when shop manager updates the fieldset settings
  • product shortcodes are supported
  • the formula is protected and will not be shown to the user - the price is calculated only server-side
  • regular and sale price are supported
  • supported price filters
  • customizable HTML code of every field
  • HTML template of every field can be overridden in a theme directory
  • static fields such as HTML, Heading, Paragraph, Hidden, Link, Attachment
  • math functions to use in the expression
  • additional functions for radio group, checkbox group (sum, max, min), range date picker (days between dated)
  • global parameters can be defined and used in formula
  • ability to edit product fields after from a cart
  • image upload field (use file size in formula/expression)
  • dynamic formula in a static field's contents

# Conflict with other plugins

This plugin has been tested only with Wordpress and Woocommerce without additional plugins. Note that there may be a conflict with plugins that modifies the product price and user's cart, or has similar functionality. This section will be updated and conflicts will be resolved.

  • We know about issue with displaying prices in a cart page. In some themes there's an issue with cart page. Theme should display cart item price instead of product price. The plugin modifies cart items, but not products itself.