# Usage

Here we explain how to work with the plugin. Please read carefully whole page. Feel free to contact us if something is not clear.

WCK YouTube tutorials

# Adding new Fieldset

Navigate to Products > WCK Fieldsets in Wordpress dashboard.

Click Add Fieldset to create new one. The empty form looks like below:

  • Fieldset Title is used only in Wordpress dashboard
  • Assign to - you can assign this fieldset to products, categories or tags. If product has more than one fieldset, you can set priority.
  • Product Fields Settings - here you set options for each field.
  • Add Field - click on the button to add the field of selected type.
  • Price Calculation - here you define the formula/expression to calculate the product price. You can choose single-line or conditional mode.
  • Price Filtering - this option changes product prices in catalog. For example you can set the product price to: from 99,99 USD/m2

# Defining fields

Fields can be added, deleted and reordered (drag&drop). Parameters of each field are described in the Field Types section.

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Select and Dropdown field has ability to add, delete, import options. You can choose the default option for the field.

Example options to import (each option in new line)
10;option A
20;option B

The example below shows the Select field with two options with a default option. In this case the first option is default.

# Defining expressions

The Expression can be defined as single-line or conditional. You can use Number and Select fields as variables in the formula. You can also use other fields in the expression and predefined variables {product_price}, {product_regular_price}, {quantity}

The "=" (equals sign) is the calculated product price. The plugin checks the conditions one by one. If the condition is true, it returns the value of the assigned formula.

First option - single-line expression:

Second option - conditional expression:

# Example of conditional expression

First, we have to define two Number or Select fields named width and height. The price of the product can be 100 USD, 200 USD or (300+area*0.05) USD.